About Flat Creek

Flat Creek is a team built to create unique solutions to communications challenges. Strategists, writers, designers, and technologists who use modern tools to tackle age old problems head on.

We recognize that the way communication has happened in the past is not the way communication will happen in the future.

We’re in an age when as many people access the internet from mobile phones as they do from laptops, and more people have social network profiles than home phones. Successful communication requires using these new channels.

We see a flood of data pouring from every corner of the Internet, while marketers stand helpless to absorb it, analyze it, and take action based on it.

So, while we have respect for the traditional, we have a passion for what’s new, and what’s coming next. With this passion we’ve developed products and services that communicate message through the media, the grassroots, and a myriad of online channels. That finally bring results to a trend that long ago promised unparalleled ROI.

Fact Sheet

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Geographic Reach: Over 300 clients across 35 states and 3 continents