Now Hiring: Client Success Coordinator

Have you been described as someone who’s “never met a stranger”? Is bringing people together your superpower? Have you mastered the art of engaging your audience across multiple social media platforms?

Now Hiring: Project Coordinator

FLSA: Non-Exempt Do you appreciate a good color-coded file system? Are you often the first person your friends call to organize a social event? Have you resigned yourself to accepting your more creative friends’ chaos, and realized that they need your organizational...

Now Hiring: Intern

Are you looking to add real world experience to your academic career? Do you have an interest in digital marketing, data, or content creation? Are you looking to start a career in center-right politics or advocacy?

Now Hiring: Content Strategist

Do you think in headlines? Are you constantly chasing the next story? Did your college friends ask you to write their papers for them? 

Now Hiring: Digital Specialist

Do you process information 140 characters at a time? Do you get your news from Instagram? Are you a master multitasker who is constantly keeping up with digital trends?

Internship Program Now Available

Do you appreciate a good color-coded file system? Are you often the first person your friends call to organize a social event? If that’s you, we really need your help.

Digital Ad Sizes

One of the starting blocks of an effective digital campaign is having the right ad sizes. Below are creative standards for several ad platforms and units commonly used in digital advertising. Facebook Single image ad Image: 1200 x 628 pixels file type: JPG or PNG...

An update on Flat Creek

Over the past eight years, Melanie and I have worked tirelessly to deliver value to our clients by finding new, creative, and useful ways to leverage technology to accomplish their goals. I’ve always viewed Flat Creek as an extension of my evangelism that technology is more than wires or HTML, but a vehicle to reach new audiences, build new relationships, and make organizations more effective.

New Partnership Between Insights from Flat Creek and Klipfolio

Partnership Unlocks the Potential of Web-Based Business Intelligence to Deliver Actionable, Integrated Analytics Boulder, Colo – November 15, 2012 — Flat Creek Digital today announced a new partnership with Klipfolio Inc. to focus on the data challenges...

Flat Creek Digital Launches Insights

Business intelligence service helps clients use web analytics, social media metrics and Big Data to achieve predictive marketing (Lafayette, Colo.) — Today Flat Creek Digital announced the launch of a new service, Insights from Flat Creek, that gives clients an...