On behalf of the team here at Flat Creek, I want to say thank you to the candidates, consultants, activists and campaigns who let us be a part of their teams in 2010. Overall, 20 Flat Creek clients won last night. Every one of our Congressional challengers picked up their seat, and several statewides held seats or took them. This isn’t to mention the various caucuses and advocacy organizations who brought us along to be a part of their efforts as well.

On top of these wins, we’re most excited about the state and local candidates with whom we were privileged to work. With little or no budget for new media, but recognizing its tremendous potential, they needed a quick, effective, and affordable solution to leverage technology to raise money, communicate their message, and turnout voters. I firmly believe that what we provided — by letting them combine the management of their website, contributions, and email marketing into one system — really made a difference.

There will be lots of analysis about the 2010 elections over the next several days. It was a historic event. And while new media will continue to grow and develop into a mature campaign capacity, I hope that we at Flat Creek continue to make innovation easier and more effective in future elections and advocacy efforts.