FLSA: Non-Exempt

Do you appreciate a good color-coded file system? Are you often the first person your friends call to organize a social event?

Have you resigned yourself to accepting your more creative friends’ chaos, and realized that they need your organizational superpowers?

If that’s you, Flat Creek, a unique digital studio near Boulder, Colorado, is seeking a Project Coordinator to help us take our efficiency and organization to the next level.

As the project coordinator, you will be the lifesaver who keeps the trains running on time. A typical day would likely include communicating with clients and managing tasks and schedules for Flat Creek’s production teams. Also mix in monitoring project timelines, managing site content and email newsletters, and communicating with account consultants, designers, and developers regarding the status of project-related tasks.

The position is part-time or full-time and fully remote, but ideal for someone near Boulder, Colo. or Washington, DC.

Responsibilities could include:

  • Coordinating a remote team of writers, developers, media producers, and partners to produce excellent, creative, and impactful products.
  • Communicating effectively with a portfolio of clients to provide timely updates on the status of their projects and clarify requests for incoming projects to set the production team up for success.
  • Researching potential contributors to policy-focused news sites and kindly but persistently asking current contributors for their content.
  • Helping users learn about the features of our CRM platform, Datrm.in.
  • Placing Facebook ad buys and compiling statistics on ad performance.
  • Scheduling, editing, publishing, and creating content including blog posts, social media, and emails.
  • Sending email newsletters via tools like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Emma, etc. to promote said projects.

Job Requirements:

  • 3-5 years experience in an agency, legislative, or campaign environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and client relations skills.
  • Quiet admiration for Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are woven into the fabric of life.
  • Experience with, and appreciation for project management tools like Nifty, Asana, Monday.com, etc.. Knowing how to get the most out of these platforms is an essential part of Flat Creek’s communication flow.
  • Very familiar with web-based applications, such as MailChimp, WordPress, and/or other marketing and publishing solutions. Seriously, there will be days where you’re jumping from one web application to another to review blog posts, Instagram pics, email newsletters (and potentially publishing/sending the content yourself), and also updating contacts and creating events. We’ll teach you the specific tools, but it’s good to know yourself and know that you’re comfortable with workflows involving web applications.
  • Self-starting. What does that mean at Flat Creek? It means that you will have a portfolio of responsibilities and when you start your day, no one will be standing over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your work. It’s a small shop and we’re counting on you to keep projects moving forward.
  • Political savvy / interest. A lot of our work is around center-right policy, activism, and politics. It’s a unique world, so we’re looking for someone who understands that pressure and appreciates the value of doing work that impacts our society.

About Flat Creek:

Flat Creek is a unique venture studio that blends advocacy & technology to advance freedom & opportunity. Our projects include Datrm.in (a CRM for activism) RootsHQ.com (a website for thoughtful commentary on issues), Studio 31A (a digital design & development service) and other technology, content and data-related projects.

Flat Creek was founded by Allen Fuller in 2005 as one of the first center-right digital agencies in the country. Today, Flat Creek builds brands and products to help America regain its footing as a home to innovators, adventure-seekers, and freedom lovers.

How to Apply:

If the idea of bringing order to chaos sounds like your dream job, let’s talk! Apply by submitting your most organized resume to careers@flatcreek.com. The position is immediately available.