Have you been described as someone who’s “never met a stranger”? Is bringing people together your superpower? Have you mastered the art of engaging your audience across multiple social media platforms?

If that’s you, Flat Creek, a conservative digital agency, is seeking a Client Success Coordinator to help us win the world over one happy client at a time.

As the Client Success Coordinator, you will be the face of Flat Creek. Developing, maintaining, and growing relationships, both with Flat Creek’s clients and across social media, is the name of the game. A typical day would likely include responding to client requests or proactively reaching out to clients to check in and offer support, developing engaging content and posting to social media, and always being ready to pivot quickly and “seize the moment”. Success in this role is creating an environment of trust and dependability with our clients, and anyone familiar with our clients’ brands. 

Responsibilities could include:

  • Helping clients succeed by responding to requests, researching projects, and providing timely updates on the status of their projects.
  • Proactively reaching out to clients to check in on their progress and program goals. 
    • Communicating information gathered during client check-ins to help the project management team complete tasks and support our clients.
  • Developing and executing a social media strategy for Flat Creek and its brands.
    • Design and create content for social media when necessary.
    • Post content to social accounts.
    • Engage with audiences on posted content.
    • Gather data and adjust strategy when necessary.
  • Assisting premium clients with their social media strategies, specifically building community.
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

  • 1-3 years experience in an agency, legislative, or campaign environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and client relations skills.
  • Experience with and success in coordinating social media strategies and growing brands.
  • An appreciation for the zeitgeist. Staying up with the times and knowing how to use current trends to your advantage will be a major key to success. Additionally, having a working knowledge of current events and the political landscape will be crucial to developing successful strategies. 
  • Self-starting. What does that mean at Flat Creek? It means that you will have a portfolio of responsibilities and when you start your day, no one will be standing over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your work. It’s a small shop and we’re counting on you to take ownership to keep projects moving forward.
  • Proactive. So important, its worth saying two times in different ways. The person who will thrive in this role is someone who gets “itchy” if they sit still too long. You are always looking for the next thing and new ways to help our clients succeed.
  • Political savvy / interest. A lot of our work is around center-right policy, activism, and politics. It’s a unique world, so we’re looking for someone who understands that pressure and appreciates the value of doing work that impacts our society.