Welcome to Flat Creek

A venture studio for advocacy & technology

At Flat Creek, we create products and services that blend advocacy & technology to advance freedom & opportunity.

From digital marketing production to data integrations and application development, we thrive on developing projects that creatively engage audiences to take action.

Our Projects

Stop yelling and DO SOMETHING. RootsHQ is the place to help you find ways to get plugged in so you can promote freedom & opportunity in your community.

The #1 CRM for politics. No more spreadsheets — connect all of your contacts, integrate with the tools you use, and discover unique voter and donor insights.

Website, email, social media, and digital ad production for consultants, advocacy organizations, and agencies. Studio 31A helps leaders build robust digital solutions quickly.

Avanti is a premium digital marketing service for growth-focused organizations. Through data-driven analysis and creative solutions, we draw out the best in you to connect with the very people who need you most.

More than marketing. More than branding. More than product.

Avanti has the horsepower to accelerate your growth engine.

Notes from Flat Creek

Now Hiring: Solutions Specialist

Do you thrive on finding solutions to problems? Is a full day of conversations a good day of work? Do your friends turn to you for advice on the latest apps and technology?

Now Hiring: Content Strategist

Do you think in headlines? Are you constantly chasing the next story? Did your college friends ask you to write their papers for them? 

Now Hiring: Digital Specialist

Do you process information 140 characters at a time? Do you get your news from Instagram? Are you a master multitasker who is constantly keeping up with digital trends?

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