Over the past eight years, Melanie and I have worked tirelessly to deliver value to our clients by finding new, creative, and useful ways to leverage technology to accomplish their goals. I’ve always viewed Flat Creek as an extension of my evangelism that technology is more than wires or HTML, but a vehicle to reach new audiences, build new relationships, and make organizations more effective.

Especially since the election last fall, I’ve focused more and more on how to leverage technology to help political entrepreneurs. These innovators are energetic and looking for better ways to have their voices heard in the marketplace of ideas. Like never before, people are open to conversations about how technology and digital communications strategies can make their organizations more effective. It’s a very exciting and unique time.

In order to focus my time on that mission, I have accepted a position as Director of Marketing with Voter Gravity, a tech startup in the political space.

Flat Creek will continue to host and support our existing clients’ websites, but we are going to start referring new projects to other agencies who can provide amazing design and strategy. For a list of several agencies we recommend, check out the directory on RootsHQ.com.

A little backstory…

Over the past several years, I’ve had the honor of getting to work with Ned Ryun on several projects. Late last year, we started talking more specifically about his work helping citizen activists and potential candidates find their voice and be more effective. His organization, American Majority, has trained more than 25,000 activists and candidates over the past five years. As a continuation of that commitment to changing the political landscape, in January he bought Political Gravity (now Voter Gravity), a voter canvassing and call-from-home tool that is incredibly effective and user-friendly. By making this tool available to grassroots candidates and organizations, he is changing the dynamics of the political technology debate.

As he shared his vision for the technology, it became apparent to both of us that we shared the same goals to make it easier for everyday citizens to run for office and be successful. Our conversations turned into planning and late last week he offered me the opportunity to join their team.

I can’t begin to express how exciting the future is for Voter Gravity. It’s a tool that several organizations used around the country last cycle with great success. But that technology almost seems like an AM transistor radio compared to the changes that will be coming over the next several months.

While I get ramped up with Gravity, Flat Creek will have a bright future in Melanie’s capable hands. She’s worked so hard in the background over the years, I’m excited for our clients to get to know her better in the coming months. We don’t know exactly what the transition will look like yet, but we will move forward with our clients’ best interests foremost in mind.

Thank you for your support and friendship over the years. I look forward to sharing more about Voter Gravitywith you soon!