Business intelligence service helps clients use web analytics, social media metrics and Big Data to achieve predictive marketing

(Lafayette, Colo.) — Today Flat Creek Digital announced the launch of a new service, Insights from Flat Creek, that gives clients an integrated dashboard of analytics as well as insights, analysis, and recommendations to optimize marketing programs.

“There’s an old adage in marketing that says ‘I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted, but I’m not sure which half,'” said Allen Fuller, Flat Creek Digital’s Managing Partner. “Our aim is to solve that problem by helping businesses better understand the impact of their marketing programs so they can test, measure, and get to a place of predictive marketing — when they know that applying a specific tactic will produce a specific result.”

Insights from Flat Creek delivers three key values to businesses trying to maximize their marketing efforts:

1. Integrated Dashboard

Insights from Flat Creek is a blended product and service offering. The core technology is a real-time, integrated dashboard that displays a client’s key metrics such as website traffic, social media analytics, sales information, and more. Displaying this information on one screen — accessible online or via a smartphone — with charts and other visualizations helps clients to see their status at a glance.

2. Analysis

The added value of Insights is the human analysis of key metrics on a regular basis. Flat Creek’s team of analytics experts review client data to spot trends and tell the story behind the numbers. This analysis is especially useful for executives and marketing managers to understand what is driving their analytics, and how they can best respond to the analytics. Creative teams are also better equipped to weave analytics into their campaigns and help demonstrate the value of their work to clients and executives.

3. Recommendations

The third key component of Insights from Flat Creek is a recommendation engine that gives clients a roadmap of the best practices they can implement to take their marketing to the next level. To drive this next-generation recommendation engine, Flat Creek Digital has compiled years of research about effective marketing tactics and applied them to specific scenarios. From SEO recommendations to ad targeting and social media best practices, clients regularly receive recommendations to improve their marketing effectiveness.

Objective: Predictive Marketing

As clients apply Insights’ recommendations over time, the effectiveness of specific programs will be measured, stored, and reviewed in comparison to other programs. This constant analysis over time will allow clients to gain greater clarity about which marketing programs actually drive revenue and which fail to provide a return. As clients better understand the best ways to reach their target audiences, they will be able to maximize their marketing budgets around effective programs and be better able to predict the impact of those marketing programs.

“Companies are increasingly surrounded by data, but we’ve seen that capturing and integrating that data is just the first challenge,” Fuller said. “The second challenge is understanding the story behind the numbers. The third challenge is knowing what to do next.

“Our Insights program meets these challenges by combining both the technology to capture and integrate data as well as the expertise to make that information valuable.”

About Flat Creek Digital

Flat Creek Digital is a digital firm founded in 2005 and focused on creating products and services that blend communications and technology to create value in the marketplace. Flat Creek believes that the principles of marketing and business remain unchanged, but the means and methods of communications are a constant dynamic.

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