A new survey from eMarketer shows small businesses are focusing nearly 30% of their online marketing budget on their website. Most small businesses have a marketing budget that usually includes email marketing, social media, online advertising and SEO as well as a website. So why is such a huge chunk of that budget going to building or updating their website? The answer is, because a business’ online reputation is just as important as all other aspects of the business. The web isn’t just for big corporations anymore, it is for small businesses too.

All of the other components of a small business marketing budget are important, but your website can make or break your business online. You may have an amazing social media strategy or an immaculate email newsletter, but when people go to your website and can’t contact you or find out more information about your business, then your message doesn’t translate. Think of your website as the online face of your company. Having a well designed and user friendly website is the way to grow your business online.

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