Twitter can be a great tool when it comes to giving great customer service. These days everyone has an opinion thanks to social media. Even an opinion in 140 characters or less can be damning or beneficial to your business.

It’s important to monitor what is being said about your business and counteract any negative opinions. Be timely with your responses and offer a solution to a customers problem. Also, be proactive and simply interact with a customer by thanking them when they mention your business in a great light to their Twitter followers.

There are many applications out there that you can use to track key words about your business. Monitter is a great tool to track conversations about your business, especially if you are getting a plethora of mentions. If your company is receiving fewer than a couple of mentions a hour then Tweetbeep might work better for you.

And remember, using Twitter to handle customer service for your business is cheaper than phone or email services.